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The Pelagic AC provides credible, scientific, and consensus-based advice to inform pelagic fisheries policy, both upon the request of the European Commission and Member States, and on its own initiative. All advice and recommendations are developed and approved by the members of the Pelagic AC. 

Our advice — and responses to it — may be accessed below.

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Southern Horse Mackerel management plan

The PELAC reaffirms its intention to continue pursuing the development of a management strategy for Southern horse mackerel. The Commission advises that Pelagid AC liaise and coordinate with the South Western Waters Advisory Council on an agreed approach for this management plan.

Update: Following a second meeting of the SHOM FG between the PelAC and the SWWAC on the 18th May 2021, this single amendment – to Article 5.1 of the management strategy  (TAC setting procedures) – has been agreed on a consensus basis.

2021 Letter to Commission on agreed amendment to SHOM long-term management strategy Commission response Commission response Letter to Commission on clarification for TAC 2022 SHOM recommendation
Stakeholder participation in future fisheries management and governance structures, post-Brexit

The Advisory Councils wish to collectively emphasise the vital importance of stakeholder participation in future management and governance structures to be established for partnership working with the UK. We urge the Commission to plan to ensure that stakeholder engagement and advice is central to all future management and governance structures being developed as the new relationship between the EU and UK takes concrete form.

2021 Letter on stakeholder participation Commission response
North Sea herring TAC calculations & Management Strategy Evaluation for blue whiting

North Sea herring: PelAC members would like to request a clarification on how the different Total Allowable Catches (TACs) are calculated for herring in Area 4 and herring in Area 3a.

Blue whiting: in a letter of 14 October 2020 PelAC recommended that a Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) be carried out for this stock. Now PelAC requests an update on this matter.

2021 NS herring & Blue whiting Management Strategy Evaluation
Stakeholder Information in ICES Advice

ICES notified the ACs of its decision to remove the “Stakeholder Information” section in ICES advice sheets moving forward. This decision has taken the Pelagic Advisory Council (PelAC) by surprise, and we would like bring to your attention our concerns about this issue.

2021 Letter to Commission on stakeholder information in ICES advice Commission response
Technical Measures Regulation – preparation of the implementation report

The Pelagic AC welcomes the opportunity to share responses to the Commission’s questionnaire on the implementation of Regulation (EU) 2019/1241 on the conservation of fisheries resources and the protection of marine ecosystems through technical measures.

2021 Techn measures regulation questionnaire by Commission Response to Commission on Technical Measures Regulation Questionnaire
Inclusion of PelAC genetics studies in Data Collection Framework

The Pelagic AC believes it is vital that the methods used for genetics sampling and analysis are included in the Data Collection Multi-Annual Programme that is currently under development.

2021 Letter to Commission on Data Collection Framework (DCF) Commission response
Position paper on the evaluation of the Control Regulation

The focus group on control and technical measures has provided a position paper on the current Control Regulation providing a starting point for further discussions.

2021 PELAC position paper control regulation 31032016
Deep sea mining in international waters (joint LDAC-PelAC-NWWAC advice)

From the LDAC-PELAC-NWWAC, we would like to see further transparency and an integrated multi sectorial database containing data from all ocean activities including fisheries, oil and gas exploitation, seabed mining, etc. in both non-EU exclusive economic zones and the high seas.

2021 Letter to Commission on deepsea mining in international waters Commission response
Request for inclusion of pelagic chapter in future STECF Annual Economic Reports

The Pelagic AC reiterates that a pelagic chapter would present the sector proportionally relative to the demersal fleet and highlight its importance in Europe in terms of economic performance. It would also capture the impact of reductions in catch advice. PelAC is requesting STECF to include a chapter on pelagic fisheries in its AERs but on a continuous basis.

2021 Letter to COM for second request PELAC chapter STECF fleet report Commission response Letter to STECF for request PelAC chapter STECF fleet report
ICES advice following EU request to assess the rebuilding plan for Western horse mackerel

PelAC requests the Commission to pursue the general acceptance of the rebuilding plan for this stock in its negotiations with the United Kingdom, in order to jointly request that ICES use the rebuilding plan as a basis for the top line of the advice (rather than in a catch options table) for the TAC advice for Western horse mackerel in 2022, and onwards.

2021 ICES advice following WHOM rebuilding plan Commission response

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