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The Pelagic AC provides credible, scientific, and consensus-based advice to inform pelagic fisheries policy, both upon the request of the European Commission and Member States, and on its own initiative. All advice and recommendations are developed and approved by the members of the Pelagic AC. 

Our advice — and responses to it — may be accessed below.

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Joint-AC letter on stakeholder engagement in Specialised Fisheries Committee

Through the newly formed ‘inter-AC Brexit Forum’, the Pelagic, Long Distance, North Western Waters, North Sea and Markets Advisory Councils impacted by Brexit wish to address horizontal issues specifically in the context of Brexit with the Commission. The Forum has formulated a number of key questions in relation to the setup and operational mode of the SCF moving forward, and seeks to establish a framework for formal consultation on specific topics prior to relevant SCF meetings.

It is a positive development that the Commission attended our meetings on 5 May and 2 June 2022, and contributed to the discussions with important details concerning developments in the SCF. One of the resolutions of the last meeting relates to the scheduling of Forum meetings within one week after every SCF WG meeting to allow for timely transmission of relevant information on SCF procedures through the Commission’s SCF debrief. The members of the Inter-AC Brexit Forum reiterate their plea for structured stakeholder engagement in SCF proceedings and invite the Commission to actively support our ambitions towards transparent, just and sustainable management of shared resources.

2022 Inter-AC letter to COM on Brexit and SCF Commission response 20 July: letter to COM on SCF

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