The Pelagic Advisory Council

Unifying and voicing the views of stakeholders for sustainable pelagic fisheries

Who we are

The Pelagic Advisory Council (Pelagic AC) brings together stakeholders with an interest in pelagic fisheries, providing a forum for sharing opinions and proposing recommendations to the European Commission and EU countries on the management of pelagic stocks. 

By engaging a wide range of stakeholders from the fishing sector (Sector Organisations) – commercial vessel owners, producer organisations, processors and traders – and Other Interest Groups (OIGs) – environmental NGOs, consumer representatives and civil society – the Pelagic AC communicates stakeholder views with the aim of working towards the sound and sustainable management of pelagic fisheries.

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What we do

Provide consensus-based advice

By collaborating across stakeholder groups and drawing upon a range of opinions, we provide clear, consensus-based assessments and recommendations (also referred to as ‘advice’) on policies and regulations.

Develop sustainable management plans

We develop long-term management plans for key pelagic fish stocks, drawing on the ecosystem-based approach and utilising the precautionary principle to achieve sustainable management.

Support fisheries research

We fund our own fisheries research programmes to develop scientific evidence in support of our recommendations.

How we work

The Pelagic AC is one of 11 Advisory Councils established following the 2002 review of the Common Fisheries Policy. Our advice feeds into the European Commission and Member States, providing stakeholder-led views on the management of pelagic fish stocks.

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Contact Us

If you are interested in joining the Pelagic AC, or finding out more about our work, get in touch by following the link below.

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