The Pelagic AC works closely together with many parties involved in fisheries management at the level of policy making (European Commission and national administrations), scientific research (national and regional institutes) and stakeholders. Below you find links to some useful websites from a number of those parties.

Non-EU parties


Useful downloads

Multiannual management strategies

Blue whiting

2017: Agreed record management plan blue whiting

2008: Coastal States management plan blue whiting


Atlanto-Scandian herring

2019: Agreed record management plan Atlanto-Scandian herring

1999: Coastal States management plan Atlanto-Scandian herring


Western horse mackerel

2007 (not valid, to be discussed): PELAC management strategy western horse mackerel


Southern horse mackerel

2017: PELAC management strategy southern horse mackerel



2018: Revised draft Management Strategy for Boarfish


Herring in 6a South and 7bc

2013 (not valid, to be discussed): Proposed Rebuilding Plan for Herring in VIaSouth and VIIb,c


Herring in 6a North

2008 (not valid, to be discussed): Management plan herring VIa North


North Sea herring

2008 (not valid, to be discussed): EU/Norway management Plan for North Sea herring


Celtic Sea herring

2015: Revised LTMP Celtic Sea herring

2012: Long term management plan for herring in the Celtic Sea and Division VIIj