19-04-2012 Focus Group meeting on blue whiting


On 19 April 2012 the Pelagic RAC hold a focus group meeting dealing with a new harvest control rule for blue whiting.

Date and time

Date: 19-04-2012
Time: n.a.


Meeting venue: n.a.
Address: ICES
City: Copenhagen Denmark

Additional information

Focus Group meeting blue whiting


Additional Notes:


Please note that FG members have received an invitation personally addressed to them and that they may identify an alternate to represent their country's interests only in the case that they are not in the opportunity to attend. The reason for strictly limiting the number of participants is that this meeting will likely be of a rather technical nature, in which case debate would be extremely complicated with a too large number of people present. Please note that no recommendations from the Pelagic RAC will be decided upon during this meeting. The meeting will serve to prepare a proposal which will be tabled at the Working Group II meeting in July.
Please contact the Secretariat for more information: l.meer@pelagic-rac.org

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