09-07-2020 Working Group I and II (REMOTE)


The next Working Group I and II meetings will take place on Thursday, 9 July 2020. The meeting will be conducted online.  

Date and time

Date: 09-07-2020
Time: 10.00 - 16.30


Meeting venue:
City: Online meeting

Additional information

Please note that it is (still) obligatory to register online. Deadline for registration is Monday 28th June 2020. Please contact the Secretariat if you need registration information.

Downloadable documents

Working Group I:

Agenda WG I 

PELAC Letter Principles on banking and borrowing

Response EC Banking Borrowing

Letter by BSAC and PELAC to COM on rebuilding plan WBSS

Response EC 19-20 rebuilding plan Baltic spring spawning herring

Reply - NWWAC letter - request for set up of ICES working group-2

Commission Decision Circular design standards fishing gear

Commission Decision Circular design standards fishing gear Annexes


ICES advice Working Group I

North Sea herring

Western Baltic spring spawning herring

EU standing request catch scenarios for zero TACs stocks WBSS herring

North Sea horse mackerel


Working Group II:

Agenda WG II

PELAC advice Revision pelagic discard plans reg groups

PELAC Letter TAC deductions horse mackerel

Response EC TAC deductions horse mackerel


ICES advice Working Group II

Celtic Sea herring

6a, 7bc herring

Irish Sea herring

Southern horse mackerel